16 ideas to add a Provencal touch to the garden! Get inspired

Furnishing the garden in a Provencal style is an excellent idea to make it comfortable and welcoming. If you are looking for ideas to create Provençal decorations for the exteriors of your home, I suggest you read our guide to the end.

16 inspirations for a Provencal style garden

The Provencal style has a feature that makes it perfect for large gardens of villas and detached houses: dry stone walls. The garden is arranged on terraces where the land is bordered by stones. The stone wall will create the typical Provencal atmosphere with decorations composed of climbing plants and lavender plants.


garden stone ideas
garden stone ideas

The plants used in the Provencal gardens are those typical of the Mediterranean scrub: from olive trees to cypresses, from lavender to aromatic plants.

The most important feature of the Provencal style is the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of a country house. In this garden, you can sit comfortably in a wicker chair, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the moment!

The question you may be asking yourself is: how can I create a Provence-style garden ? Here are our 10 ideas for transforming your garden.

Plant a cypress or pine

The first idea to add a touch of Provencal style to your garden is to plant one or more trees. You should prefer plants that are already 3-5 meters large, cypress or pine. Imagine a garden, with a lavender plantation that extends to your home, with 2/3 cypress trees near the house that create a sense of amazement in the eyes of the beholder.


garden pines
garden pines

Create a miniature lavender field

Have you ever seen the lavender fields of Provence? In the south of France this plant grows luxuriantly and gives a fairytale aspect to the Provencal territories. This is why I recommend that you dedicate a space in your garden to a lavender plantation.

Make sure the area of ​​the garden set up for this crop is very sunny and slightly sloping to ensure water drainage from the plants.

Build a terrace with stone

A Provençal garden is unimaginable without dry stone walls. It delimits the crops by creating terraces on which to grow plants and flowers.

Add a pergola

Provençal-style garden is unimaginable without an elegant terrace to enjoy lunches with friends and relatives.

Add a metal, wrought iron pergola, possibly fixed to one side of the house, and then grow scented climbing plants like wisteria or jasmine, which will quickly provide shade from the sun.

Sprinkle the gravel

Right under the pergola, where you will place a large vintage garden table and chairs, you will need to scatter the gravel . This foresight gives at first sight the appearance of a French style garden.

Sprinkle gravel around larger plants as well by delimiting the trunk from the ground through a low wall.

Create a fountain

In a Provençal garden, a stone fountain cannot be missing. You can buy the fountain from a dealer or you can build it yourself, with a dry stone wall inside which to insert the hidden pipes.

At the front of your stone creation you can place a tap from which water flows.


Vases in wood and terracotta

Purchase clay pots  and collect them in a designated area of ​​the garden. You can also use handcrafted wooden pots in which to grow colorful flowers.

The overall vision must be sober but impactful.

Evergreen plants in abundance

To have a garden with the typical characteristics of the Provencal style you should plant evergreens, plants and shrubs that remain beautiful and lush throughout the year.

Consider plants that are more resistant to arid weather conditions and that grow with very little water or perennials such as Phlomis or some varieties of Iris.

garden glow
garden flower



Is it possible to admire a beautiful panorama from your home? Take advantage of this naturalistic feature to create terraces on which to place deckchairs so as to enjoy a panoramic view.

Swimming pool surrounded by stones

If you have enough space, you could also build a swimming pool inside the garden. In the modern-style Provencal gardens, a swimming pool surrounded by stone walls and terracotta floors is a must.

shabby chic style fabric umbrella will create a pleasant shaded area where you and your guests can relax on the sun loungers after a bath.

Always choose pastel colors for the decor that are particularly well suited to the Provencal style garden.


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