A beautiful headboard with pallets: 11 ideas to get inspired

Having an original and aesthetically beautiful headboard for the bed is very easy if you use recycled materials. One of these is certainly the pallet, an element of incredible versatility. The pallet is easy to find and can be transformed into whatever you want. In the bedroom it becomes a headboard that knows how to attract attention and, above all, is able to adapt to any type of furniture and mood you have chosen.

It doesn’t take much to be outside the box, to have a thalamus that is noteworthy. Beauty is a simple concept, which does not require many superstructures. In the bedroom you have to play with sobriety but also with the desire to amaze. The pallet supports this desire for creativity, transforming itself into the perfect material, suitable for every need for change.

Come and discover our 11 ideas for a beautiful “do it yourself” pallet headboard: get inspired.

11 beautiful ideas for making a bed headboard with pallets

Simple, sober, essential: the “do it yourself” headboard that makes the pallet a precious element when you want to amaze without superstructures.

Left raw, without color, the headboard with pallets turns out to be an idea to copy, because it furnishes with unprecedented simplicity.

The white bedroom, of shabby chic inspiration, loves the bed with the headboard made of pallets, which gives an exquisitely rustic touch.

Lights hanging from the ceiling, which fall on the pallet headboard and mix with the most expensive photographs: a pinch of playfulness never hurts in the bedroom.


Illuminate the pallet headboard with fairy lights and your bed comes to life, illuminating the surrounding world. Here’s how to fully play with your pallet!

A spartan bed for a young home that doesn’t need any frills. Versatility plays with the desire to be essential always and in any case.

An “industrial” atmosphere that looks good in a young home. The bed uses the pallet headboard that satisfies every stylistic requirement.

What if you placed many candles on the headboard, some even used, for a romantic effect beyond imagination?

Not only the headboard but also the base on which to place the mattress: with the pallet you can really do everything, even in the bedroom.

The wonder of the pallet is that it always knows how to be suitable for any environment, from the simplest to the most demanding. Because its intrinsic beauty never disappoints.

How beautiful is the pallet headboard, which does not impose itself with “special effects” but knows how to be looked at and admired, always!


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