Place a swimming pool using the terrace or a drop in the garden!

The swimming pool in the garden or on the terrace is everyone’s daydream. The possibility of enjoying a swim even when the sea is far away or you don’t really want to take the car to reach the beach. The comfort of the swimming pool and its aesthetic beauty are truly the added value of the house. Obviously, it is necessary to have a lot of space, although it can also be installed in smaller rooms. The architecture of the pool is stunning. It gives lightness, joy and a pleasant feeling of summer that lasts all year round. You can place the pool by also taking advantage of a difference in height in the view, to optimize space and create something unique, which attracts attention and becomes the focal point of the whole house.

Beautiful, aesthetically functional and original ideas, to experience the summer outside the box and in the tranquility of your home. How nice to sunbathe and go for a swim without going far. The traffic, the exhausting heat, often make the summer unbearable. Being able to take advantage of your outdoor spaces to fully experience it is what everyone hopes for.

Come and see our 11 proposals for a swimming pool on the terrace or in the garden: get inspired!

How to transform a slope in the garden into a swimming pool area that gives you so much beauty and relaxation. Here it is the daydream.

A small corner of paradise, with solarium and swimming pool: even the smallest rooms can have their dose of all-round attractiveness.

A stone wall surrounds the swimming pool structure. This integrates admirably with the surrounding nature and becomes a fundamental part of it.

The terrace contains the pool tub. All in one, for an area dedicated to well-being and relaxation, which in summer becomes a pleasant necessity

How wonderful the patio with the swimming pool. An environment that will amaze you with its versatility and that welcomes relatives and friends by embracing them with a beauty that takes your breath away.

An easy-to-install pool, for which you don’t need huge spaces but just enough to make it an element that perfectly matches the rest of the environment.

A body of water surrounded by hedges and shrubs. A green corner that is reflected in the pool water: perfection exists!

A real living room, thanks to which summer becomes truly relaxing and pleasant. You don’t have to go far to take a bath. Here is the pool that does not require large spaces and can adapt to any need.

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